Peruvian lunch at Tampu restaurant

What a wonderful gastronomy culture they have in Peru! Tampu restaurant in Madrid is an amazing place if you want to taste peruvian flavors in their best plates. We started with a very typical appetizer, the pisco. Pisco is a colorless or yellowish-to-amber colored brandy, and its taste wonderful. Then, they bring us  fried yuca with huancaína cream and plantain (addictive!) and one of the most famous peruvian plate, croaker ceviche with choclo, cancha and camote. We continued with Sudado de almejas, clams with yellow ají, coriander and vegetables, and we finished with another two classic plates, Ají de gallina and Lomo saltado. It was a wonderful lunch, don’t miss the pictures!

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Yeah! All of you may have heard of paella, right? Paella is one of the most typical plates form Spain, mostly Valencia. But the truth is that all the country knows how to prepare a nice paella. There are many ways of preparing a paella, and each one will tell you that their way is the best.

This paella was perfectly made by Diegos father in Sigüenza, a beautiful village with its castle and cathedral. He likes to match as many ingredients as he can, and, to be honest, the result is just amazing. But, what is exactly paella?

Well, people often think that paella is the plate, but the truly meaning of the word makes reference to the recipient where the rice and all the ingredients are cooked. So, paella is that big round recipient you can see in the picture. And which are the ingredients? That’s a hard question to answer!

Some people say that a paella can’t be mixed with anything you want, and they distinguish between 3 types; vegetable paella, seafood paella and meat paella. For us, this is an awful idea; the best paella is the one with vegetables, seafood an meat, all together!

Diegos father uses a lot of ingredients for the paella; it has lots of vegetables such as peppers, onion, tomato, carrot, and also rabbit or lamb, all together with little shrimps, mussels, squid and prawns. As you can see in the picture, mussels and prawns are used to decorate, as well as to eat, of course!

And how can we cook all this? Well, there are two important things; soup anda patience. You have to make a great soup with fish heads and shellfish, and use it to cook the rice. The rice may be at its perfect cooking point, so you may need patience and be constantly looking the fire. But don’t worry; it will worth waiting for!